Firescape February

With all of the rain we have been experiencing in Southern California, it can be easy to forget that wild fire dangers are real and they are often even greater in years of wet weather. Does your home have a fire safe landscape design?

Here are a few things to consider when evaluating how fire safe your existing landscape is:

  1. Choose fire resistant plants and landscape materials - succulents, some native plants are some good examples. You can also usually find an exhaustive list of which plants are approved by your local fire department with an internet search.

  2. Make sure all plants are getting enough water - dead plants create fuel for fires, so irrigation is key!!!

  3. Use appropriate mulch - larger bark and stronger materials such as pebbles, are best in the 30’ zone closest to structures, shredded mulches should be avoided within this zone

  4. Use Non-Combustible materials to create barriers between different landscape spaces and structures. Stone paths, dry creek beds, and retaining walls are all examples of this.

  5. Consider plant placement - avoid planting trees and shrubs adjacent to the siding, under vents or eaves and avoid having tree limbs or shrubs grow over the roof and under or near any decks, trellises, pergolas or other wooden structures.

Richie-Bray, Landscape Architecture specializes in assisting home owners with creating beautiful (and fire safe) landscape designs. We have a great deal of experiencing working with the Los Angeles Fuel Modification Department to help homeowners get approval to build the home of their dreams.

For more information on our services, please connect with our design team at 310-377-5868.

Meanwhile, enjoy all of the wildflowers this rain will bring!