January in the Garden- Time to Prune Eucalyptus and Pine Trees

A healthy, properly selected tree is a great investment that will add value to your property and offer many opportunities for enjoyment. This investment when nurtured properly will also benefit generations to come!

Trees, like people, need the basics to stay healthy and happy in their environment. They need food, adequate water, and basic hygiene in order to grow and thrive. By ‘hygiene’ I’m mostly referring to pruning. Pruning eucalyptus and pine trees in the winter can be very beneficial to the health and wellness of trees adding to the beauty and structure of your landscape throughout the year.

Pruning can include trimming by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems and completely removing any unwanted or unnecessary parts of the tree. Doing this during the winter while eucalyptus and pine trees are in their dormant state provides several benefits, although it is also a good idea to do ongoing maintenance and gentle pruning throughout the year.  The benefits of pruning during mid-winter to very early spring include a lower likelihood of spreading disease, causes less stress for trees offering them ample time to heal wounds before warm weather brings pathogens and insects, will result in new growth generation.

When pruning, it is a good practice to remove dead or damaged branches or stems, as these can invite disease and lead to much greater problems if left neglected. Additionally, remove crossing branches, water spouts and suckers in order to maximize tree health and flush growth. 

With the New Year upon us, why not add to your resolutions nurturing the environment that will no doubt be nurturing you throughout this year. 

Richie-Bray specializes in creating dream outdoor environments and can help you choose the correct tree for your landscape! We also work with many qualified contractors that would be happy to take a look at your existing trees and help you with the pruning process. Please reach out to our design team if you have a project you would like to accomplish in this New Year.

Happy New Year