South Coast Botanic Gardens Rose Garden in Bloom

South Coast Botanical Gardens New Rose Garden Designed by Landscape Architect Deborah Richie-Bray

South Coast Botanical Gardens New Rose Garden Designed by Landscape Architect Deborah Richie-Bray

The South Coast Botanic Rose Garden, newly designed by Landscape Architect Deborah Richie-Bray, is in full bloom!

With all of these record rains, the roses are especially spectacular, so right now is a wonderful time to head over there to enjoy the many hand curated varieties of roses. While there are over 300 species and thousands of cultivars of roses out there to choose from, Deborah had the opportunity to specifically choose the exceptional variety of roses presented within the multi-roomed garden. Each rose variety she chose had to be successful here in the area and also easy to obtain locally. Additionally, almost every rose chosen is fragrant. While it was hard at times to narrow the selection down, Deborah is very pleased with the final variety of specimens that made the cut to be featured in the SCBRG.

Original Concept Design Phase Sketch of the South Coast Botanical Rose Garden

Original Concept Design Phase Sketch of the South Coast Botanical Rose Garden

The Design

 Deborah’s concept when designing the garden began with the story of the rose. Beginning in the center of the garden, the formal use of roses are highlighted with the trained climbing roses and formal garden areas. Here the roses located around the ceremonial trellises all pay tribute to the traditional rose symbolism of celebration, ceremony and love. Some of the varieties that can be found here include ‘flower girl’ ‘celebration’ and ‘passionate kisses.’

Moving into the left side of the garden, the design becomes more informal, inspired by the English Garden. Here the roses are more naturalized. You will find David Austin varieties, shrub roses, and rambling roses.

As you continue through the garden into the right side, you will enter into the Modern Garden where roses can be enjoyed as wall art. In this area the design highlights how despite these water stressed times, roses can still be used and enjoyed in a more modern, low water usage, environment. This brings us to the Native Garden where the rose varieties and companion plants are all either native or low water species.

Concept sketch of the entrance to the SCBG Rose Garden

Concept sketch of the entrance to the SCBG Rose Garden

In addition to designing this beautiful public retreat, Deborah often works with residential clients who are often trying to decide which roses are best for them and their individual landscapes. With that in mind, we thought we would highlight a few rose varieties that can be enjoyed at the SCBRG and here around the Peninsula.

‘Double Delight’ Hybrid Tea Rose

This variety of rose is exceptional. Notable for its intoxicating fragrance and eye catching bi-color blooms, this rose is sure to stand out in your garden. It is also wonderful for its disease resistance and vigorous growth habit, making it another variety we highly recommend for landscape installations throughout the Palos Verdes area. It is a great size to use in multiple capacities, from alone in a container to a glossy fragrant hedge, or it is striking enough to be enjoyed as a focal accent plant. No matter the application, this special rose variety does not disappoint and will bring much joy to you and your neighbors for years to come!

‘Tournament of Roses’ Grandiflora Rose

This is a great cut flower variety of elegant pink that produces prolifically during much of the year.  This specimen offers more roses at a single time while maintaining the same petal count giving you a bounty of blooms that can be enjoyed as a container specimen or planted directly into the ground. While it isn’t very fragrant, it is also disease resistance and relatively low maintenance.  This rose brings an added level of elegance and grace to the landscape and as a cut flower into your home.  

Iceberg Rose, Climber and Shrub Variety

This is a popular landscaping rose due to its classic style and versatility. Beautiful on their own or in mass plantings, Iceberg Roses can be found in both shrub and climbing form and can be used in traditional designs and beyond. They are wonderful for their prolific blooms from Spring all the way through fall and can be seen throughout the Peninsula in both residential and commercial plantings. This rose is a great option for anyone who loves the look of roses, but doesn’t want to deal with too much maintenance. While these roses will still require regular watering and pruning, these roses are much less trouble than many other varieties as they are notably extremely disease resistant

Throughout time, roses have been treasured worldwide for their beauty and intoxicating fragrance.    We are so proud to have been awarded the honor of designing the new South Coast Botanical Rose Garden and hope that you are able to take some time this spring to head over there and see the magnificent blooms in person while they are at their peak!  For more information regarding the South Coast Botanical Garden, you can follow the link:

And as always, if you are interested in creating your own private rose garden or outdoor retreat, please contact our office at 310-377-5868 or email to schedule a design consultation with our Landscape Architect, Deborah Richie-Bray.